A thank you from Fulfilling Lives LSL – The programme ends, but the work must continue

On 30th June 2022, the Fulfilling Lives LSL completes its course of funding. We are pleased that the National Fulfilling Lives Programme has been able to generate more investment from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and The National Lottery Community Fund to continue to address ongoing inequalities in our communities through the Changing Futures Programme.

Over the years we have challenged and evidenced the need for system change for the people experiencing multiple disadvantages and inequalities in our communities. No person is ‘hard to reach’,  if we change the way we do things together. We the people can make the system easier to access and transition through for those with unmet needs and increased inequalities in our communities.

Whilst we have made progress in influencing system behaviour, there is much more to do, this work needs to continue beyond the life of our programme. We encourage you and your networks to take the evidence, the learning and share it.

Although the Fulfilling Lives LSL Programme comes to an end on 30th June 2022, our outputs – including research, reports and articles – are still available to download from our website.

To access our key resources beyond the programme we have created an area to store the resources.

Thank you to public who have donated to The National Lottery Community Fund and to The National Lottery Community Fund leadership to allocate the funding to a long-term vision, providing the trust and autonomy in the local leadership to run a test and learn programme.  Demonstrating a need for longer-term system change strategies that are coproduced to address what can seem complex social issues to make long-term change for the people in our communities who experience the greatest hardships.

Thank you to all of those who have supported and challenged the programme over the years, the partners we have worked alongside, and the participants that have helped shape the evidence to make the case for change.

Thank you to the team, ambassadors, and champions and all the people we have walked alongside in their journeys  –  the dedication to the programme and to learning together, and the willingness to let us honour and share their stories will enable the work to continue so that no longer we will see the individual as the problem. Instead, we work towards a co-produced, whole system change that enables everyone to live a fulfilling life.

Diane Elizabeth Smith MBE
Head of Programme – Fulfilling Lives LSL

The Fulfilling Lives LSL programme ends on 30th June 2022, but our legacy lives on. Our lead agency – Certitude – will continue to share our resources on Twitter and their website, so please make sure you are following them for future updates. All of our resources will be available on the Fulfilling Lives LSL website until June 2023.

The National Fulfilling Lives learning and outputs are available via CFE or the #seethefullpicture websites.