We deliver a frontline service to provide direct support to people experiencing multiple disadvantage. 

Our community-based practitioners work alongside people in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham to understand their needs and aspirations. People experiencing multiple disadvantage are often moved around the housing, health and social care systems, and our service provides consistent person led support, based on trusted relationships, to help people navigate these complex systems.  

To better understand what is, and isn’t, working with current service delivery, we test different interventions and share our learning. 

Our service delivery work is based on: 

  • Establishing positive and trusting relationships with people we support 
  • Operating with smaller caseloads to ensure better and more responsive relationships 
  • Being flexible and autonomous so that we can give the time and resources required to support people overcome obstacles 
  • Taking an approach which is informed by understanding the intersecting experiences of trauma, culture and gender and considers how all aspects of a service can respond effectively 
  • Recognising that a sense of community belonging and a sustained connection to others is a vital part of long-term resilience and recovery 

To find out more about interventions we are developing and testing, see our projects.