We work alongside people to test and learn different interventions to make transformative change and improvement to their lives.

Our team of Link Workers and Senior Practitioners work alongside people facing multiple disadvantage in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

In our outreach and navigation intervention, beneficiaries have choice and control over their support, working alongside Link Workers within the community to meet their needs and aspirations.  People facing multiple disadvantage are often moved around the housing, health, social care systems, and our outreach and navigation intervention provides ongoing, consistent support based on trusted relationships as people navigate through these complex systems.

We are piloting the evidence based Critical Time intervention (CTI), a time-limited care-coordination framework to support those with multiple disadvantage during periods of transition through advocating and linking-in to services that will support them before, during and after the transition period.

All of our service delivery work is based on:

  • Relationships: we recognise the important role relationships play in building resilience, and we establish positive, trusting, genuine relationships with the people we support.
  • Low caseloads: we have learnt that having smaller caseloads means that we can build better relationships with the people we support and be more responsive.
  • Flexibility and autonomy: we work flexibly and have access to a welfare budget so that we have the time and resources to use to reduce barriers and obstacles facing the people we support.
  • Informed approach: we are committed to the promotion and fostering of an approach that is informed by the intersecting experiences of trauma, culture, and gender.  We strive to recognise and understand these experiences, and look at how all aspects of a service are able to respond effectively.
  • Community: we support people to be part of their community, recognising that a sense of belonging and a sustained connection to others is another vital part of long-term resilience.

Service delivery is delivered in partnership with Thames Reach.