We are working on seven key projects to help us achieve our systems change priority. For each of projects we are working closely alongside stakeholders and external partners to ensure a balance and mix of lived and learned experiences.  

Access to Services 

1. Informed Approach 

The aim of this project is to improve access to services for people experiencing multiple disadvantage by implementing trauma, gender and culturally informed approaches both within the programme, as well as supporting other organisations to do the same.  

We have developed an Informed Approaches Champion roles to test how you embed a trauma informed culture within an organisation. We will also be co-delivering a series of workshops to share our learning.  

2. Women’s Access to Drug & Alcohol Treatment 

This project aims to improve access routes to drug and alcohol treatment for women experiencing multiple disadvantage in Lambeth by codesigning a gender-informed service offer. Codesign includes women accessing treatment in Lambeth with lived experience of MD, as well as commissioners from SLaM (South London and Maudsley), LHH, VAWG (Violence Against Women & Girls) and local authorities’ partners, specifically mental health & substance use. Alongside this, we will continue to build evidence and contribute to the knowledge base about what safe treatment access can look like for women. 

3. Street-Based Sex Work: Women’s Access to Services 

This project aims to improve treatment and housing routes through the system, reduce exploitation and sexual violence for women experiencing multiple disadvantage who are involved in street-based sex work. We are developing  a new service offer aimed at reducing access barriers to housing, drug and alcohol services, and mental health treatment. Women have been involved from the start in the co-design and co-evaluation of the pilot service offer. 

Transitions through Services 

4. Relationships & Transitions 

The aim of this project is to embed a framework that supports the navigation of a housing, health, social care, criminal justice system for people experiencing multiple disadvantages. This will be done by testing different approaches for supporting people experiencing multiple disadvantages transitioning through the system. This project is made up of delivery, safe exit planning, and a 9-month pilot of a specific transition or intervention for prison releases (across all three boroughs).  

System Behaviour 

5. System Behaviour & Coproduction 

This project aims to balance power between people with current lived experience of multiple disadvantages, and those with learned professional experience, when delivering, commissioning, and evaluating services. The focus is on evaluating internal coproduction processes and co-creating with stakeholders across the borough rather than direct support delivery.  

6. System Thinking, Human rights, & Social Justice 

This project connects several workstreams that collectively build evidence to inform and educate organisations on how system behaviours affect people experiencing multiple disadvantages in the community. FLLSL will work alongside Southwark Community Exploitation and Harm hub to research, evaluate and deliver an online seminar series on systems thinking and systems change. We are also developing resources to support services to embed a human rights lens into case management structures as well as reduce restrictive practices (RRP).