#MyTimeToShine: The Virtual Gallery

For the people we support we wanted them to say it’s #MyTimeToShine!  

We are pleased to announce the launch of – #MyTimeToShine – The Virtual Gallery.  

#MyTimeToShine first came about to give the people we support the digital limelight, celebrating their strengths through their talents and skills. 

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Background – about the virtual gallery  

For so long the people experiencing multiple disadvantages have been labelled, stigmatised, and overlooked. The previous #seethefullpicture campaign aimed to raise awareness of the challenges for people experiencing multiple disadvantage and reduce the sigma.  

Despite the adversity that many experience, their strengths and amazing talents through their creative ways of expression are on display for you to see in the #MyTimeToShine : Virtual Gallery, building on from #seethefullpicture.  

We were not surprised in the slightest to see the creativity and imagination shine through! We knew that the people we support have great qualities and in particular are very creative people. 

The virtual gallery was a way that we could display and showcase the amazing pieces that we received. Ranging from arts and crafts, cooking, gardening, photography, poetry and more!  

During lockdown, the people we support have sent us their creative pieces to show us what they have been doing to keep themselves busy and have given help and advice to others who are stuck at home. 

For some #MyTimeToShine was a way of taking their mind of things, a space to think positively. Jenny created a photo album to try and stay positive during lockdown and wanted to help others too. “I hope you enjoy looking at my album, and maybe you can find some ideas and activities…useful”. 

Diane Elizabeth Smith, the Head of Programme at Fulfilling Lives Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham says that:

“The #seethefullpicture campaign highlighted the stigma and often discrimination that people who we work alongside experience. #MyTimeToShine has created a new outlet for those involved to see their unique talents and their creative pieces come alive in a digital gallery. I am really looking forward to building on the digital platform as a way for others to see the amazing talents and skills of the people we have the privilege to work for and with each day. “ 

Support the launch 

We have been incredibly grateful to receive such powerful pieces and it has been a pleasure to read, listen and watch every one of them.  

If you would like to help to promote on Twitter, we have provided a toolkit to share the pieces for the first week. Get in touch if you would like to support!

A new toolkit will be updated every Monday for you to continue to support #MyTimeToShine.

Find out more

Please get in touch with us if you think this campaign can be something we can expand on across the sector! This is only just the start of #MyTimeToShine! Email us on information@fulfillingliveslsl.london  or DM us on Twitter.