We aim to embed a co-production culture to ensure those with lived experience are at the heart of service design and delivery.

We believe that if we want to make changes that are valued by and effective for the people that will be impacted, their contribution at all layers in the system is crucial. 

We believe that co-production is a way of working that is collaborative, recognises everyone’s strengths and breaks down barriers between services/systems, professionals and the people who use services.  It values the knowledge, skills and contributions of all participants and creates a culture that has the courage to take risks, involving everyone.

True co-production should be at the heart of designing and shaping services, policies, legislation and communities, and ultimately delivering better outcomes for the person.

We are learning about how to embed a co-production culture through:

  • understanding the experience of how the system behaves towards people we support
  • creating a range of opportunities to have their experience heard, including creating employment opportunities for people with lived experience across the programme and in the wider system
  • strengthening a lived experience network across the boroughs to influence system change 
  • working with stakeholders and services on strategic governance, co-training, service co-design and commissioning to ensure those with lived experience are at the heart of service design and delivery. 
  • sharing our learning, being wide-reaching, influential and creative, to make change that will live beyond the end of the programme.