To radically rethink how services are designed and delivered, the barriers between systems, professionals and the people who use services must be removed.  

We are committed to a co-produced approach which gives equal value to opinions expressed by people who use services and people who design and deliver them. Working in this collaborative way recognises the knowledge, skills and contributions of all participants and creates a culture that is compassionate as well as innovative.  

We are encouraging a culture of co-production by: 

  • Placing people with lived experience of multiple disadvantage at the heart of everything we do, from advising on strategic governance and service design to co-training and commissioning  
  • Establishing a network of people with lived experience across Lewisham, Southwark and Lambeth to strengthen voices and improve coproduction practice  
  • Providing employment opportunities for people with lived experience, and creating a workforce of both lived and learned experience
  • Sharing learning and best practice on coproduction activities with to encourage and support more organisations and services to take a co-produced approach