Co-production: what is the dream?

A two-part event exploring how co-production can create system change for people experiencing multiple disadvantage.

Are you interested in co-production?

​​​​​​​Join Fulfilling Lives Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham (FLLSL) for this two-part event using the ‘appreciative inquiry’ model (see below) to explore how co-production can create system change. 

Our workshops

  • Workshop 1: Discover & Dream – what is possible? 
    When: Tuesday 14 September 2021, 10-11am
  • Workshop 2: Design & Deliver – what next? 
    When: Tuesday 19 October 2021, 10-11am

This two-part workshop will explore the possible future of co-production. Participants will contribute their experiences and develop a hopeful vision of what is possible alongside a panel of industry experts including Tony McKenzie from The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Jessica Turtle from Museum of Homelessness, and others who will be confirmed soon.​​​​​​​

Sign up for both workshops: Coproduction: what is the dream? Tickets, Tue 14 Sep 2021 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

The first workshop will highlight examples of co-production being done successfully across service provision by the panel, before encouraging participants to dream big and consider opportunities for the future of co-production in an interactive facilitated activity.

The second will share current strengths of co-production by the panel and then the audience will be involved in identifying the development stretch and support needed to implement innovative co-production that delivers real change.

Open to everyone

​​​​​​​The workshops have been designed for those working in or with an interest in co-production but are open to anyone with an interest, including people we support, delivery teams, service providers, policy makers, commissioners, councillors & MPs. 

We hope that participants will leave the events with ideas and the inspiration required to push boundaries in their own work.

Appreciative inquiry model

Appreciative inquiry is an approach that can be used to create a shared vision for society or within organisations which focuses on people’s strengths. The model encourages participants to discover the best of what is currently happening and what makes it that way, dream what could be the vision for the future, design a plan to realize the vision based on best practice and deliver on what will make the plan sustainable.

Why are we hosting the workshops?

We want to have a conversation about the future of co-production, what we can achieve and how we can deliver positive changes. Our goal for co-production is for people we support and policymakers to be working on a level playing field. We hope that the workshops inspire participants by sharing what is currently being done across service provision, and encourage them to share what they would like to see from co-production in an ideal world, by focusing on strengths and identifying the next steps to implement real change. ​​​​​

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