A little can go a very long way – Stephen Lawrence Day

It has previously been stated by Baroness Lawrence that Stephen Lawrence day is “a chance to be part of a national conversation and show your commitment to creating a fairer society in which everyone has the opportunity to live their best life.” – The Stephen Lawrence foundation.

This Stephen Lawrence day, we reflect on the ongoing need for national conversation and commitment to a fairer society where racial inequality is addressed.

How can we all ensure a fairer society, and to help people live their best life? Imagine if this thought process was adopted by most of society. For individuals, helping someone else live their best life sometimes look like giving your old clothes to charity, helping someone with their bags at a supermarket or buying your colleague lunch. It also looks like speaking up for those who do not have a voice, seeking justice and fighting for what is right. Here at Fulfilling Lives LSL, we have dedicated the work we do to change the system to support those who have historically not had a voice.

As we reflect on Stephen Lawrence’s life and how this day came about, it is important to remember that we absolutely need each other – there is power in community. We at Fulfilling Lives are aware of the importance in community, and we do our best to connect the people we support within their communities. Community can be viewed as being central to the human experience; it gives us a sense of belonging.

In all our differences, strengths, and weaknesses, everyone deserves to feel as if we belong. Everyone deserves to feel as though their experiences are valued and their lives matter. If we are not setting an example or making the fundamental changes in our communities, what does this mean for the generations to come?

As we celebrate the life of Stephen Lawrence, lets search deep within ourselves and find new ways to have a positive impact on those around us. A little can go a very long way.

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